lstout (lstout) wrote in community_poem,

The Dark Masquerade

Oh beautiful child
How foolish you’ve been
To capture the eye of the
Unseelie king

Older than ages, and cold is he
Whose eyes have seen more than eternity
His inhuman beauty is flawed so they say
When he walks through the forests of winter by day,

The screams of his victims
Forever replayed
His pleasure, their torment
His nature... depraved
Yet your heart beat came quick
When he glanced in your way
Just to dance in those arms at the
Dark Masquerade

Refuse and deliver
Your life in your hands
He will not release you
By will or by chance
And now he draws nearer
You step forwards, entranced
Now and forever
Unseelie Romance

Safeguard your soul, or hurl it away
Relinquish the longing that lead you astray
Your cheeks they are flushed
Lips parting
Thoughts stray
I begin to think now you forever shall stay
Here in his kingdom
And under his sway

Entrapped by incaution
And forever enslaved
In the Court of his Winter
To the end of all days
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