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My Army Man, But Not Really...

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I once dreamt of him being sent to a battle
My army man firm on the outside
yet meek and mild on the inside
How i feared, him being out of my reach
the one I love be put to harm

my dream was so clear that it felt so real
each of them dropped down one by one
the thought that he might be next
awakened greatly my anxious soul

so i saw myself running towards the unknown
wishing he'll be standing safe and warm
but the war was tragic
he was nowhere to be found
and i find my heart being torn apart

every direction i run i see fallen soldiers
another flood of pain broke within me
streaks of tears poured and blinded my vision
but my hope didn't falter

and there he was injured but alive
but by his side a woman holding him so dear
i forgot that he wasn't actually mine to care
my efforts washed down the drain

the dream and reality collapsed
he was never mine but still i believed
my army man fighting at his best for a life
but a life that isn't mine but of his precious one

copyright 31th of August 2009 by Blair1809
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