seh3dance (seh3dance) wrote in community_poem,

07.230908 ::just know...nevermind stop.

But just know…

You’ll never be as pretty as them…
             So fuck the make up- its all fake,
             But it helps. So spend the money on those designer socks
 That no one will ever see, because you’re glued to the same old pair of shoes.
             Stick your fingers down your throat, there’s never too much bone.
Smoking on camel cigarettes and taking those white pills.
A chip to the tooth right after braced straight and that’s all (t)he(y)'ll notice.

Tried, but colored hair dyed – the roots are showing..

            Why even bother trying to change….

I guess I understand….because any change would be better then what you have,

                                      Be better then
                                                       what you are.

You’ll NEVER be just good enough.

They look oh so beautiful,
and they've got the talent. They've got the attention,
And you….well …..

….they don't care so much about....
But please go ahead,

             Think about it.

             Rehearse it over and over and over and over
             And over until you’ve had too much.

             Like breathing you’ve had too much.

             Hyperventilating, but you still need more air…

             You’re thinking way too much.         

             Rehearse it over and over and over and over and

            Can’t breathe.

            You're trying and trying and trying and
            Trying to breathe, but have forgotten how.

So you try, harder and harder and

You think more and more, and

More thoughts rush past the bus stop, where people in taxis dream of limos.

   More nerves become shot.

          More air. More thoughts. More lessons to be learned. More things forgotten.

               More quick short breaths


What do you do when your taxi driver puts the brakes and your world just…

Still you cant breathe, forgotten how.
 Trying to remember… 

But that’s something you shouldn’t think about…
So why do you think about it ALL the time.


Stop trying. Stop caring. Stop thinking. Stop obsessing.
Stop trying to remember. Stop thinking. Stop breathing.
Stop caring.
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